In early 2000 our family like so many of us were faced with various levels of health challenges from sickness to allergic reactions which made me realise time to make the change to our lifestyle and eating habits.  After spending many years travelling and educating myself around the world my family were shocked to hear some of the health cases i had witnesses first hand and some of the overwhelming and daming facts of popular food choices that are on our shelves today. 

It was easy to convince my family to stop putting that stuff into there bodies and before i knew it, we had all switched to using natural and organic products. I like so many others in my family found it hard to source a regular supply of fresh chemical free and organic products. Taking everything I had learnt in my travels, study and product research we began our press in early 2009. Making fresh juices for the West Wyalong and Riverina surroundings.

Our juices have now expanded into a huge selection of freshly cold pressed juices and cleansers made from the freshest ingredients free from chemicals and pesticides all soaked and washed in Enagic Kangen Water. 

  • Fresh Ingredients
  • Maximum taste and nutrition
  • Made to order 

Our Juices are full of flavour and taste we source organic produce when possible catering for, 1, 2 or, 3 Day cleanses or even a week juice cleansing we cater to all needs working closely with you while you cleanse.